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A Godprint Christian Devotion

A Godprint Christian Devotion

Think about it….breathing is something we are constantly doing. Stop for a moment and see how long you can hold your breath. Why couldn’t you continue holding your breath? Yes, we need to breathe to live! That’s just how our bodies work.

Prayer can be a lot like breathing. Paul states in 1 Thessalonians 5:17 that we are to

“pray without ceasing.”

Does this mean we are constantly walking around with our heads bowed and eyes closed?!  Absolutely not! Can you imagine what would happen? That could be dangerous!

Most of the time, we’re not even aware of our breathing; we don’t even have to think about it.  It just happens naturally.  God wants us to be so aware of His presence with us that it becomes natural to communicate with Him throughout our day just like walking through the day talking with a friend.

Yes, there will be times we need to stop and catch our “spiritual” breath, but this shows us prayer is also something we can do as we go about our day.

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