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December 16, 2018
Daily Bible study Teen Bible Study

About the Bible

1  About the Bible – God Inspired All of It

Ask students to name one of their favorite books or favorite authors.

Hebrews 4:12 tells us the Bible is not like any other book.  It says it is living and active.  This means the Bible can change lives!

God is the author!  An important lesson we need to understand about the Bible is that God inspired all of it without error.  He is the author.

Activity 1 – Whisper Pass along

Have them circle up so that they can “pass” a whisper from one end to the other.  Whisper your favorite book and author and a little bit about it to the first person.  Then they whisper to the next, etc.  It will be interesting to see how distorted it will be after passing through so many people!

God did not risk having His Word just passed from one person to the next and to the next, etc.  Read 2 Timothy 3:16 aloud.  The Bible says “God inspired” Scripture.  Another translation says “God breathed” it.

God’s Spirit spoke His Word to the hearts of 40 different men over a period of 1,500 years through 66 books, and it remains one clear seamless story about Him and about His promise to rescue us.

2 About the Bible – It Helps us Know God

Everything we know to be true about God has been written down for us in His Word.  Yes, Romans 1:20 tell us that through His creation His eternal power and divine nature have been clearly seen.  God went beyond that though; He didn’t want to leave it to chance.  He tells us about Himself and had men write it down.  He wants us to know Him.  If that was not clear enough, His Word (Jesus) became flesh and lived a life on earth. (John 1:14)

Activity 2 – Writing Object Lesson

Ask students what they know about you and how they came to know these things.  Many will include that someone else told them.  How can they know those things are true?  They can ask you.

Have a student come forward and whisper something about yourself into their ear; have them write that on the white board or paper for others to see and read.  Repeat this with other facts about yourself using different volunteers each time and have them use a different color or writing utensil.

Explain that although different students wrote the facts about you on the board, they can know these are true because you told them.  In the same way, God may have used about 40 different men to write the Bible, but God is the one that inspired/breathed/spoke His truth they each wrote.  They were just the tools God used to write His Words.

Just like you had different people come up and write with different writing utensils or colors, God used different men with different personalities, writing forms, experiences, etc. but they wrote God’s Words not their own.

We can know the Bible is true because God does not lie.  He wants us to know Him.  He is truth. The Bible is not a Biography; it is an Autobiography.

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