Children Bible Study

Bible story will be said on weekly basis

To improve the biblic creative thinking there is onlie partipicatin for children

  • To generate Ideas
  • To show imiganation and originality
  • Can judge the value of what they have done

Here are some activities to encourage creativity with words, objects and pictures

  1. The connect game ( a word will be asked based on the story and children should reply related words from the story which helps for thinking)
  2. Mystery Objects ( Story related pictures will be shown children should identify and name the object in the picture with describing it which helps in developing ideas
  3. Drawing ( children can download the picture fill them with there creative colors and can upload which helps in increase creativity
  4. Cross words ( which helps in increase verbal creativity)
  5. Puzles

After submitting children can evulivate the value and high value child photograph will be place in homepage for public to view as this weeks winner.

Through this exercise children are not only going to satuy bible stories as only stories but beyond that this will help children to increase

  • Imagination
  •  ideas and outcomes
  • Experimenting with alternatives
  • Being original
  • Expanding on what they know or say
  • Exercising their judgement

Children Bible Study

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