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Children Bible Study

Creation with Moral

Dear Children.

From today on we are going to study Bible with lot of interest and fun. To start with let us know more about God’s Love and Care for all of us even before His time of Creation He planned and created most beautiful world so wonderfully with His wisdom for us. Now let’s start experiencing His love step by step.

In the beginning whatever you are seeing experiencing, enjoying was nothing there. It was like as if a dark room without light, air, water, food, animals, birds, humans, no yesterday, today, tomorrow etc., but except God. It was only God who way there, so God had no beginning and no end. He is there forever. Thrust Him forever.

First in the beginning God created Heaven and the earth. He was not satisfied.

He Found Earth was Shapeless, Without form and the darkness was so deep, He was not satisfied. Then He said a Word, “Let there be Light”.

God’s Word is so powerful, there was light. God called (named) the light as day and the darkness as night. Dear Children and that evening and the morning were First day. But then to He was not satisfied.

On the second day, since our loving God already planned for us, He brought waters of Oceans, revers and lake under the Heaven (sky), and then too He was not satisfied. But on the third day “God said, “let the dry land appear” and it happened so. But then to He was not satisfied.

On the third day God commanded the grass and trees and flowers and shrubs to appear, and so happened they appeared. But then to He was not satisfied.

On the fourth day, God made the Sun, the Moon and uncountable Stars. But then to He was not Satisfied.

On the fifth day, God created sea creatures like narehale, starfish, blue whales, squid, octopus, dolphins, butterfly fish etc., and birds like big elephant birds to long leg ostriches to tiny little humming birds like parrots, peacock, ruby, black-chinnde etc., God made every kind of fish from very big to very tiny to fill the water of Oceans, rivers, lakes, and every kind of birds to enjoy sky, land and sea. But then to He was not satisfied.

After that God said “Let the earth bring forth living creatures” then every kind of animals like monkey, donkey, lion, tiger elephant, fox even domestic animals like pussy, dog etc., and insects like cockroach, ant bee, beetle, mosquito, fly etc., and reptiles like lizard chameleons, scaled, crocodile, and earth shaking dinosaur etc., was made by that day. That where the sixth day, and now God felt happy, do you know why because it’s time for Him to command His plan. Do you know what’s His plan, it’s WE.

Now everything was ready for a Man, There was food in the field, fruits in the tree, water to drink in the lake, air to birth from sky, water to swim in the lake, animals to serve. And God said, “ let us make man in Our own image. Let him be Lord over everything on the earth.” SO God created man in His own image from His own Hands (Action)and gave His birth and that ware the dust from what He made transformed into body, mind and soul. Now God rejoiced and named the first man Adam.

God spoke to Adam, “Eat whatever you wish from the garden. But do not eat from the tree of Knowledge of good and evil. If you eat from that tree you will surely die.”

And then Lord God said, “It’s not good that man should be alone, I make a helper for him,” God brought all the birds and beasts to Adam, but Adam was very cleaver he named them all and proved there was no suitable partner for him.

God brought Adam into a deep sleep. Removed one of the ribs and formed Woman from Adam’s rib.

God made everything in six days. Then God blessed the seventh day and made it a day of rest.

Moral of This story of Genesis: 1&2

 In the story of creation, we can very well understand how our Lord God loves and cars for us. They planned with wisdom, implemented with knowledge and still and will taking care with understanding.

 But we have to understand that they already gave us choice to choose like there are difference between wild animals and domestic animals, like whales and fish, like good fruits and bad fruits, etc., there is always good and bad in this world. It’s now we have to choose. For which keep your self with God and parents and obay them they will lead you.  AMAN

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  1. Love you God


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