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What is a Prayer

What is a Prayer?


Scripture say’s God was not satisfied with all His creations so He wanted to create a Dominion who can have authority to name everything, a sign of dominion over the world of HIS own Image. God fashioned man from the dust of the earth, and gave him the breath of life to make him a living being. His breath transformed the dust as Body, Mind and Soul.


Soul is the Communication of God; Mind is the Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding of God. Body is the Action of Gods plan.


The Communication between Us and God is called PRAYER. We are always connected with God through His Soul, so through richious Soul We can Talk with God and whatever we ask Him We will receive through PRAYERS.


Believe in your PRAYERS because We all are connected with God through His Soul.

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  2. Yes exact Prayer is a communication between us and GOD.
    Prayer isn’t a ritual that depends on closing our eyes and putting on holy faces. We don’t have to kneel or sit. We can pray while walking, driving, or working. God responds to a two word cry for help in the middle of a busy afternoon, just like He does to a focused prayer time after reading Scripture in the morning. Praying doesn’t have to be complicated. God delights in any simple words we offer Him.
    God’s hearing our prayers doesn’t depend on our praying long enough or hitting upon the right phrases. Prayer is an invitation to come before our Heavenly Father who knows our needs and longs to hear our voices. God hears and responds to us because He is faithful and has compassion on His children.


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