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Why to Pray


Why (for what reason and purpose) we should pray, is the question for even many Christians.


We live in a world of trillions of living organisms and billions of humans and few millions of other species, which resulted in billions of personalities one doing good, one bad and the other being a spectator. World is becoming lesser and lesser. Life is also becoming short due to pollution, global warming, deforestation, population explosion, imbalances in nature by decline of other organisms.


Our lives have also been transformed by the industrial revolution and technology. We became more materialistic and mechanical, for our position and future by living out loving one another for who we all are. Kids are now growing up believing that it is okay to not have good manners simply because they are not being taught them nor witnessing them.


Prayer is asking God for something with intense yearning. Prayer includes respect, love, pleading and faith. By praying, we express our helplessness and endow the doership of a task to God. Praying benefits us at the level of action, thought and attitude. It is a cornerstone in spiritual practice, gives us Divine protection from bad and evil, reduces ego, and increases our faith. It is also an effective means of awakening our spiritual emotion and experiencing communion with God that results from it.

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